Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Preparedness in Boston

Brian Swett, Chief of Energy and Environment for the City of Bosotn, convened a press conference to announce comprehensive storm readiness policies on 2/5/13 at the New England Aquarium.


The city has an ambitious climate mitigation and adaptation agenda, which the USGBC supports as they make green buildings more common in Boston. The event referenced the disruption caused by Superstorm Sandy in NYC this past autumn.


“The government and private sector need to be proactive in planning for a future with rising sea levels and future storms like Sandy,” Mayor Menino said. “The steps that I am announcing today will help make our waterfront and the rest of Boston better prepared to handle future storms and get the city back in business as quickly as possible.”


The Mayor's press release is here. The image on the story (preceding page) is from the Boston Harbor Foundation's presentation about sea-level rise and storm surges, and where Boston would be impacted.

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