Emerging Professionals


The USGBC Massachusetts Emerging Professionals is a group of green building professionals who are relatively new to the industry.  We are inclusive of students fresh out of college or more seasoned professionals simply new to the sustainable field.


We work to provide an avenue for all our members to become engaged with the greater green community of Boston and the greater Massachusetts area.  


EPMA strives to provide these connections through educational and career development events, networking gathering, volunteer programs and other events which promote the conservation, regeneration and stewardship of natural resources through sustainable building practices.


All are encouraged to attend EPMA’s monthly meetings where we plan our upcoming events.  If you have a great idea for an EP event that you would like see come to life, please contact the committee chairs or attend an upcoming meeting!


To learn more about EPMA and join the mailing list, please contact the Committee Chair or visit the EPMA facebook group page


If you are interested in starting an EPMA committee in your MA neighborhood please email us at info@usgbcma.org.


EPMA Events: