Staff & Board

Chapter Staff


Executive Director

Grey Lee 


Grey Lee (LEED AP BD&C) is the chief facilitator of the US Green Building Council community in Massachusetts, serving as our executive director since October 2012. He manages the organization's daily activities and leads the Chapter in achieving our mission. He has a keen interest in helping the broader community of stakeholders recognize how green buildings support and resolve many environmental, social justice, and sustainability issues. By connecting more people to the benefits of green buildings, we will be able to see a groundswell of support to change policy and change market preferences toward better buildings and urban planning. Grey has a background in commercial brokerage, real estate finance, and community engagement. He serves on the boards of two other community organizations in the Boston area and is very active with the Green Catamount alumni network of the University of Vermont. He lives in Harvard Square, Cambridge. Read the 2012 press release here.


Grey remarks: “I have been working in the green real estate field for over ten years – as a broker, consultant, trainer and project manager. It is amazing how far the industry has come in this past decade. I'm excited to help facilitate the transition to a sustainable and equitable society into the next decade, leveraging the resources of the powerful community of green building pros in Massachusetts. Every green building that we put together, every sustainability-oriented policy we enact, every environmental advocate we enable, means our future will be more prosperous, more healthful, and more vibrant for all.”


Programs Manager

Stephen Muzzy


Steve was hired in April 2013 to manage the Chapter's growing work in the greening of schools and campuses across Massachusetts. Read the press release here.


In 2015 Steve will be taking on a broader role to manage our many programs including:

  • Green Schools Outreach
  • Service Project Coordination
  • Education Program Coordination

Upon being hired by the USGBC MA in 2013, Steve remarked: "My work the past 5 ½ years has focused on transforming institutions of higher learning into models of sustainability, not just by eliminating their operational greenhouse gas emissions but in how they plan, manage, invest, and most importantly prepare graduates to transition society to just, healthy and sustainable future. Because educational institutions are established and long-standing they have great incentive to invest in their built infrastructure. Beyond the standard benefits of reducing operational costs, improving the health of the occupants, and reducing environmental impact, educational institutions have the unique opportunity to use buildings as part of the educational experience. Allowing students the ability to monitor how their behavior affects the performance of the building – connecting behavior to impact is a powerful teaching tool. I am excited to witness these learning experiences and to expand green building awareness to individuals and institutions that do not believe green buildings are possible for them."


Board of Directors

The USGBC MA Chapter is governed by a 15 member Board of Directors who represent the breadth of the green building industry. 

We are currently soliciting candidates for 2015's round of 2-years terms - 9 directors will be elected to compliment the 6 continuing directors.

Thank you for the nominations and congratulations to the slate of candidates - you can find them here. The election will commence at noon on 1/11/15, culminating in the final voting round at our Annual Meeting on 1/22/14.

Thank you for your interest!


Executive Committee (2014-2015)

Chair – Jim Newman

Vice Chair – Neil Angus

Treasurer – Carolyn Day

Secretary – Sandy Brock

Past-Chair – Greg Sampson


Regional Committee Representatives (Upper Northeast Regional Committee)

Jennifer Taranto (2013-2015)

Conor McGuire (2014-2016)

The following is a list of the 2014 Board members broken down by the industry which they represent. 
Non-Profit Organization
Mark Dunn, UMass Amherst - Campus Planning
David Straus, A Better City
Phoebe Beierle, USGBC - Boston Public Schools Green Schools Fellow
Neil Angus, Devens Enterprise Commission    
Architect or Interior Designer
Carolyn Day, Ellenzweig
Andrea Love, Payette
Commercial Real Estate
Chris Liston, CBRE
Sandra Brock, Nitsch Engineering
Chris Schaffner, The Green Engineer
Erik Ruoff, The Green Engineer
Construction or Trades
Conor McGuire, Columbia Construction

Jennifer Taranto, Structure Tone

Finance, Insurance & Law
Gregory Sampson, Robinson & Cole LLP
Other – Sustainability Consulting
Jim Newman, Linnean Solutions