Advocacy Committee

The role of the Advocacy Committee is to coordinate and inform statewide advocates of current USGBC supported legislation and products, and to aid in the strengthening of local green building knowledge and the support and implementation of green building practices throughout the Commonwealth.

In addition to these activities, the Advocacy Committee works as needed with the National USGBC Advocacy Committee to support national initiatives.

Interested in working on advocacy projects? Contact Norm Lamonde to find out how to get involved.


One major local issue going on is the City of Boston's proposed Building Energy Reporting & Disclosure Ordinance. Read more about our efforts to support this clearly beneficial project.


The City of Boston is proposing to track the use of energy in buildings in order to enable greater transparency to users and also to reduce energy use for the benefit of all parties.


The USGBC Massachusetts Chapter supports the Energy Disclosure Ordinance, and looks forward to working with any and all parties affected to enact the ordinance and improve energy performance transparency in Boston (and beyond!)


[Editor's note: Please read Grey Lee's March 29 blog post, which recaps his experience testifying at City Hall in support of the ordinance and details the perspectives of both its advocates and opponents.]