West Branch

Welcome to the USGBC MA - West Branch!



We are a branch of the USGBC MA Chapter and meet in the Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties in Massachusetts.  We welcome individuals who are interested in sustainability for the built environment, and we are committed to building partnerships and regional alliances with other Pioneer Valley organizations in supporting the green building community.   We have an executive board with diverse experience that includes passionate individuals who are beginning their careers, as well as seasoned practitioners with decades of experience and commitment to green building and sustainable living.


The West Branch convenes an active community dedicated to the advancement of green buildings & sustainability in Western Massachusetts.


In the coming weeks, we have a series of LEED education in-person webinars, hosted at UMass Amherst Integrated Sciences Building, Room 145 (some are at noon, others at 7pm) and a LEED Green Associate Study group begining on January 27, 2014.


Recently, we hosted the Green Giants award and presented to outstanding green buiding advocates and implementers during our 2013 Annual Dinner, held in conjunction with the Western MA AIA, on Dec. 4th, 2013. Read about the awards program here.


The West Branch is very active. You can read a recap of 2013's events and programs here.


Richard Boucher took the above photo of our January Steering Committee meeting.  For your reference, we are, from left to right: Jeff Dalzell, Chris Cabelli, Lawson Wulsin, Karen Northup-Scudder, Ben Todd, Ludmilla Pavlova, Mark Dunn, Walter Chadwick, Soroush Farzinmoghadam.


Upcoming Steering Committee Meetings

Branch Steering Committee Meetings are open to the public and occur at 9:00AM on the second Friday of the month at UMass Amherst, 360 Campus Center Way, Physical Plant Building, Amherst, MA 01002. Meetings last between 1.5 aNn 2 hours.  If you are interested in attending one of our meetins or events, or have questions, please feel free to  contact Mark Dunn (mtdunn@facil.umass.edu) or Lawson Wulsin (wbcommunications@usgbcma.org).


Current West Branch Steering Committee Members 

Chair: Mark Dunn

Past Chair: Ludmilla Pavlova

Acting Vice-Chair: Patricia O'Flaherty

Secretary: Jeffrey Dalzell

Treasurer: Karen Northup-Scudder

Communications: Lawson Wulsin

Programs: Soroush Farzinmoghadam


To become involved with the USGBC MA - West Branch or learn more about their programming, please email wbcommunications@usgbcma.org